Royparvar zanjan :  Manufacturer of ingots and sheet on the operation of 30,000 tons per year of high purity 99.985% to 99.95%

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Royparvar Zanjan Company Branch in 1386 ... recorded a number of land 7 co1 Hktarfalyt in the production of ingots and sheet on zinc Park Branch began.



capacity of 7,500 tons zinc ingots companies in Royparvar Zanjan Company the purity 99.95 start And now by the grace of God a

nd the individual partners according to their production capacity expansion plan to increase to 30,000 tons.
Royparvar Zanjan Company Branch Drtshkl several countries, including lead and zinc mines Industry Association, the country's exporters Database, Industrial Products Exporters' Association members including lead and zinc mines zinc Company's major shareholder cooperatives P. Branch is the lead and zinc mines and industry

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Company founded in 1386logo
Operational capacity of ingots and sheet on the first Active: 7500 tons per year
Zinc ingot capacity utilization is now 30,000 tons per year
Producing ingots with a purity of 99.95 zinc start up
Zinc ingot production at the highest possible purity 99.98
Construction of laundering cake
Construction of 1391 units zinc ground

The four bars zinc purposes :
1: Production of pure brass wire 99.95zinc 
2: Industrial metal purity 99.94
3: Production of 99.985 purity Zamak
4: The pharmaceutical industry purity 99.995